ICTS shares views on solving post-pandemic issues in aviation in AOA-Autumn 2021 Magazine

Published: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Airport Operators Association (AOA), the national voice of UK airports,  is a trade association representing the interests of the industry in front of UK government and regulatory authorities on airport matters.

The AOA’s members include over 50 airports and more than 150 associate members, made up of companies representing a wide range of suppliers in the aviation industry. Working on behalf of these members, the AOA’s mission is to influence governments, regulators, and opinion formers at national and international level to secure the policy outcomes that will deliver its vision. This includes playing a leading role in security, economic development, operations and safety and environmental sustainability issues.

Terry Sallas, our company’s Vice President of Technology and Group Products appears in this issue, where he describes how ICTS is working collaboratively with leading UK airports and airlines to find scalable and enduring answers to challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Sallas, a technology specialist who has worked in multiple different sectors before joining ICTS in April 2020,was struck by the approach of the company when implementing and developing new products: instead of rushing to market a product that was developed in haste ICTS Europe Systems had chosen instead to develop a solution that would have enduring value.

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