KLM goes live with our COVID API

Published: Thursday, October 14, 2021

Travelling during COVID-19 requires more preparation than passengers are used to. It can be especially challenging as the entry requirements change and can vary from country to country.

KLM, an airline that always strives to maintain an excellent passenger experience, understands these challenges and contacted us to help come up with a solution that would give passengers a simple and easy way to understand the general COVID-19 related entry requirements so they can plan their holiday with confidence before booking their ticket.

Our COVID-19 API shows the relevant travel options, instantly clarifying the actual travel restrictions and the level of impact on the journey prior to the booking to allow the travellers to be fully prepared before their arrival at the airport. 

The API simplifies the entry restrictions into 3 categories: ‘no restrictions on entry’, ‘conditional restrictions on entry’ and ‘complete restrictions on entry’, with detailing the entry condition, like a required PCR test or face mask for the latter two categories. The presentation of the information can be fully tailored to the needs of the airline.




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