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Published: Friday, January 1, 2021


We are proud to announce a new addition to our FAAN smart airport project in Nigeria: Ethiopian Airlines, has implemented the SmartApp Kiosk for all flights departing from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. In addition to check-in capabilities, the SmartApp also features automatic document verification to enhance passenger experience. Moreover, the system has proven to reduce check-in processing times by 35% as well as free up additional space in the airport terminal.


ICTS Europe Systems recognizes the need for its customers to have a clear understanding of COVID-19 requirements per destination when planning leisure or business trips.

Therefore, ICTS Europe Systems has developed a new feature of TravelDoc called COVID Page API, which is integrated into the User Interface (website, mobile app, booking, reservations, etc). TravelDoc COVID-19 Infopage API allows travelers to view the relevant travel options based on the actual travel restrictions and the impact on their journey before booking, helping them be fully prepared before arriving at the airport.


We are excited to announce that Transavia is joining the TravelDoc family and will have its own personalized website. Transavia has been recognized as a three-star low-cost carrier for both the quality of its service and airport and onboard products. Through their dedicated TravelDoc website, they plan to continually deliver excellent product service, so that their passengers can easily check the immigration rules at their destination and see the COVID-19 specific health requirements.


As a result of TigerTaiwan joining the TravelDoc family, all Taiwanese airlines have chosen TravelDoc as their automated document verification solution. Since TravelDoc is available in multiple languages, Tiger Taiwan's customer service representatives and passengers will be able to get the relevant information in their native Chinese in addition to the standard English.


We are proud to announce that Wideroe has officially joined the TravelDoc family on Amadeus GHA channel. Wideroe is one of Norway’s main ground service providers. TravelDoc is an advanced automated document check software, fully integrated on Amadeus. TravelDoc helps airlines and GHA to improve automation in operations, cur costs and as a result to deliver better customer service for their passengers.


We are delighted to support Delta Airlines with the Certifly system as Delta launches COVID free flights at MXP. CertiFLY is aimed at supporting the facilitation and meeting of all regulatory and procedural require- ments for all air passengers travelling to the United States or any other country, who are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 or a variety of declarations be- fore they board a flight. The new requirements set by the USA’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention came into effect on 26 January 2021. Certifly is already operational at FCO for Delta and other clients.

ICTS’ CertiFLY – which is part of our PassBoard suite of solutions – includes a standalone mobile device, an app, and a secure online website, as well as a report distribution mechanism that can be tailored to the dy- namically changing regulations and our clients’ specific needs.

How does it work?

ICTS security personnel can scan either the passenger’s boarding pass or passport and the details of the passenger, including flight and available documents will be displayed on the mobile device. A photograph of the negative COVID-19 documentation and / or any other Health related re- quired documentation / declarations can then be taken, which will be saved to the passenger’s records. The collected data is made available to the airline with which the passenger is flying, via the CertiFLY secure web- site.


The universally applicable web solution automates the process of verifying travel and health documents to provide passengers with a fast and seamless process from home to gate.

TravelDoc Ready to Go is a modular solution for verifying passengers are clear to travel prior to arrival at the airport, reducing airport queues, staff handling costs and the risk of compliance fines as international travel resumes. Uniquely combining machine learning and optical character recognition technology with one of the most powerful immigration and health rules engines globally and updated daily direct from official sources. The solution integrates with leading health wallets, enabling airlines to automate the verification of travel and health documentation and credentials, with a platform that works seamlessly with all traditional check-in and booking processes and provides the evidential means to where possible address any non-compliance fines. TravelDoc ReadytoGo go live next month with 3 airlines and dozens more are in process of integrating.

For more details please visit:


ICTS Europe Systems, ICTS Europe’s technological subsidiary, is pleased to be part of a cross-sector initiative, the Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC). GHPC members are creating a blueprint for in- teroperable digital health passes that will help restore global travel and restart the global economy.

“ICTS Europe Systems is proud to be part of such an important initiative. We are delighted that TravelDoc, our automated document verification software, has been nominated as one of the key solutions to be used by the GHPC.

Along with more than twenty-five leading organizations in the technology, health, and travel sectors, including the Airports Council International- al, Affinidi, Blok and The Commons Project Foundation, we have realised how important it is that solutions are designed from the onset to be interoperable, both with one another and across institutional and geo- graphic borders.

With these strong partnerships, we are confident we are providing one of the most comprehensive and convenient solutions to the industry”, said Guy Doron, VP Global Sales, ICTS Europe Systems.

For more information: Good Health Pass Collaborative – A Safe Path to Global Reopening


ICTS has partnered with Affinidi to provide a seamless experience for travellers and airlines using TravelDoc.

Affinidi is a core technology company that enables the creation and sharing of digital identities that are porta- ble and verifiable. The company’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations with its open, privacy- preserving and portable technology that allows them to unlock the value of verifiable data across platforms and geographies.

Affinidi’s Safe Travel initiative offers an interoperable solution to simply and securely verify digital health certificates to address the increasingly complex environment for international travel.

Apart from verification of travel documents and travel rules, TravelDoc will soon facilitate a truly end-to-end traveller journey by closing the loop – verifying pre-departure Covid test results. Affinidi's interoperable Covid pre-departure test digital verification solution combats some of these complexities by allowing border authori- ties to verify the authenticity of pre-departure tests in seconds. Unlike other emerging verification solutions in the market, Affinidi's universal solution verifies various digital health credentials from over 16 providers and digital health passports, including IATA Travel Pass, CommonPass, and AOKpass, just to name a few.

As a result, border authorities can now:

  1. Accurately identify tamper-evident health tests within seconds
  2. Save 5 minutes on each passenger - manual to an instant digital verification process.
  3. Rely on one universal solution to verify an array of global health credentials.
  4. Reduce organizational risk from allowing entry to a passenger that is not compliant with destination health entry requirements.


On the 15-16th June, ICTS Europe Systems attended GHI's Digital Reconnect Asia conference. The purpose of this conference was to explore how the Asian aviation industry has handled the COVID-19 crisis, as well as what steps they are taking to recover. Our team met with various airlines and ground handlers to discuss our latest developments, such as the COVID-19 Infopage API and existing products such as PassBoard, that offer ground handlers a simple, cost-effective way to verify that passengers have all the required travel documents before they approach the check-in counter or during boarding, and by scanning their travel documents, ensuring complete alignment between API data and passengers' documentation.

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