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Published: Thursday, July 1, 2021

ICTS Europe Systems Launches Landmark Automated Travel Verification Platform for Airlines.

The universally applicable web solution automates the process of verifying travel documents to provide passengers with a fast and seamless process from home to gate.

The Ready to Go solution offers airlines a highly configurable and rapidly deployable modular solution to verify if passengers are clear to travel prior to arrival at the departure point, reducing airport queues, staff handling costs and the risk of compliance fines as international travel resumes. Uniquely combines machine learning and optical character recognition technology with one of the most powerful immigration and health rules engines globally that is updated daily direct from official sources, Ready to Go provides airlines and passengers with the accuracy, speed and certainty they require to manage the complexities of today's travel.

The solution integrates with leading health wallets, enabling travel operators to automate the verification of travel and health documentations and credentials with a platform that works seamlessly with all traditional check-in and booking processes and at the same time provides the evidential means to address any non-compliance fines.

Commenting on the innovation, Mr Terry Sallas, VP Technology and Group Products and MD ICTS Systems Europe, “We designed the solution for airlines to provide something enduring and not just for this summer. Our priority was to deliver a universally applicable option that truly automates the verification of travel documentation and health requirements and unequivocally solves the dominant problem being faced by the travel industry today. This is a landmark innovation that builds on a suite of solutions, trusted by airlines and passengers globally.’

Ready to Go will be available from July, with further versions and enhancements in production for 2021.

About ICTS Europe systems

ICTS Europe Systems is the leading provider of tech based passenger processing solutions to the global travel industry. Our expertise is unrivalled, and acquired through working within the world’s most demanding airport environments, in some of the most remote regions, and hand in glove with world-leading airline brands. This pedigree and insight has combined with a technical prowess and leading-edge technology to break free from traditional conventions and consistently address the unique operational and technological challenges faced by the travel industry.

As part of the ICTS Europe Group, we possess a unique global presence and knowledge of the aviation and security markets. Founded in 1982, ICTS Europe has long been a name synonymous with innovation, aviation security and technology solutions and is a world leader in its field.

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