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Published: Thursday, November 11, 2021

A story about building a sustainable travel world.

Climate change and global warming urges an immediate action word-wide. A new commitment target was set during the UNWTO climate change conference in Glasgow, UK. The Glasgow Declaration as part of COP26 recognises and calls to build a globally consistent plan for climate action in tourism.

To meet the commitment is not easy especially in the travel industry. Have you ever thought how many documents (visa letters, hotel booking and flight tickets and etc.) have been printed and used by passengers for travel every year? In addition, COVID test certificates or vaccine certificates have become new essential travel documents and how many of those have been printed? Can we cut the need of printing these documents while still having a smooth travel experience?

The answer is yes. ICTS Europe System aims to bring automation into the passenger’s new paperless travel experience. Our powerful rules engine TravelDoc embedded in airlines’ and OTA’s systems helps passengers prepare the complex document processing required at the airport to complete health checks and provides digital evidence that they have the correct documentation to travel. Our health verification platform Ready to Go is easy to use and integrates with all leading health wallets to keep passengers informed of any changes to travel requirements. It also enables airlines to verify that passengers have the correct travel documents before they leave home to provide a fast and seamless process from home to gate. Our airport solution PassBoard integrated with an airline’s backend system provides airport operation teams with a paperless passenger processing experience.

Keep the world moving with ICTS Europe System solutions.

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