Rules updated in TravelDoc after visa changes around the world

Countries worldwide constantly change their travel visa rules, which always threatens to disrupt those travelling and the organisations looking to facilitate their journeys. Fortunately, TravelDoc is ready to take the problem away.

TravelDoc enables confident checking and understanding of travel rules for every single destination. We have built a database of up-to-date travel ruling and information, fuelled by a dedicated team of immigration and documentation experts checking official sources and updating new rules every day.

Here are April's highlights of the latest immigration rule changes now live within the TravelDoc database and helping enable international travel:

  1.  Firstly, China and Georgia agree a mutual visa exemption.
  2. By comparison, Peruvian citizens will now be required to hold a visa to enter Mexico.
  3. Correspondingly, Mexican nationals will also require a visa to go to Peru.

  4. As of now, Indian and Nepalese passengers transiting through Turkey to Mexico, Panama, Colombia or Venezuela now need an electronic Airport Transit Visa (e-ATV).
  5. Tajikistan has cancelled the visa exemption for nationals of Turkey, who now require a visa.
  6. Turkey has also cancelled the visa exemption for nationals of Tajikistan and they now require a visa.
  7. Another mutual visa waiver agreement has been signed between the Bahamas and Ghana.
  8. Nationals of Panama now do not require a visa for Japan.
  9. Nationals of Kiribati are no longer eligible for an eVisa in Taiwan and must get a visa from a embassy/consulate.

    If you're in the travel sector and need to maintain compliance, reduce fines and enhance the traveller experience, we think TravelDoc is the solution for you. Discover why.

    Written by Harry Owen, Product Solutions Manager, ICTS Europe Systems

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