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In today's rapidly evolving travel industry, airlines face numerous challenges, including stringent government regulations, inefficient manual processes, and high operational costs.

PassBoard, a cloud-based, rapid boarding application, addresses these challenges head-on, ensuring accurate Advanced Passenger Information (APIS) submissions and delivering a seamless boarding experience.

At the core of PassBoard lies its seamless integration with TravelDoc, a powerful platform that verifies passengers have the necessary and accurate travel documents, aligning API data with physical documentation. This integration eliminates the risk of non-compliance and the associated fines, providing airlines with peace of mind and cost savings.
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About PassBoard

By leveraging PassBoard's advanced technology, airlines can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a superior boarding experience for passengers, all while ensuring compliance with industry regulations
Deployment flexibility and sophisticated automation technology
PassBoard offers unparalleled flexibility with it's mobile capabilities, catering to the diverse and ever-agile needs of airlines. Leveraging advanced AI technology, PassBoard efficiently captures and processes travel documents, ensuring quick and accurate document checks, streamlining the boarding process, and reducing the potential for errors.
Cloud-based automation and error correction
Harnessing the power of cloud computing and automation, PassBoard eliminates the need for costly infrastructure development, delivering a scalable and cost-effective solution. Its intelligent error correction capabilities automatically identify and rectify API errors, verifying travel documents and facilitating seamless passenger boarding.
Seamless integration and tailored workflows
PassBoard integrates seamlessly with existing systems, including cloud-based deployment via Departure Control Systems (DCS) and full integration with the Amadeus Altea platform for comprehensive API data validation. Additionally, airlines can leverage configurable profiles to create tailored workflows, reducing time, effort, and costs associated with manual processes.
Ensure healthy data
Solves data quality issues by allowing airlines to scan all travel documents at the departure gate during boarding. Passports are used instead of boarding passes to board and update check-in records simultaneously, directly in the airline’s DCS. The PassBoard boarding process, creates a single source of API information which is always accurate.
Streamlined process and efficient boarding
The PassBoard process is straightforward and efficient, guiding agents through flight selection, document scanning, verification, and boarding initiation with a single scan. This streamlined approach results in quick and efficient passenger boarding, eliminating the challenges associated with manual document verification.
Dedicated support and services
To ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success, PassBoard offers dedicated product management and 24/7 support, as well as certification and onboarding services for airline personnel.

Key Benefits

Quickly and easily boards the passengers using the passport
Eliminates the time consuming and error prone manual document verification
Gives the airline a final confirmation as to the necessary travel documents.
Cloud-based and fast deployment via DCS
Standalone version can be used to verify document compliance before check-in
Alternative to costly CUSS and CUTE
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Come and Join Us at the UK-China Business Forum, March 20th, 2024
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Come and Join Us at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) - April 20th, 2024