CPM by ICTS Europe Systems
In the ever-evolving landscape of air travel, ensuring passenger safety and maintaining stringent security protocols is of paramount importance. CPM, our cutting-edge security application, is strategically deployed before passenger check-in at airport counters, assisting security staff in conducting thorough audits and enhancing overall airport safety measures.
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About CPM

By leveraging CPM's advanced pre-screening technology, airlines and airports can streamline security processes, reduce operational costs, and provide a safer and more efficient travel experience for passengers, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and security protocols.
Efficient passenger pre-screening and rapid processing
At the core of CPM lies its ability to efficiently pre-screen passengers by cross-referencing their itineraries and document information, significantly streamlining the process.

This innovative solution reduces processing time by an impressive 70%, simultaneously enhancing airport security through its comprehensive screening capabilities.
Seamless integration and mobile flexibility
CPM seamlessly integrates with the airline's reservation system, which in turn sends passengers' information to our servers, allowing for comprehensive security checks. As a web-based application fully integrated with TravelDoc, CPM offers a comprehensive solution for secure passenger processing.

Moreover, its minimal integration requirements and mobile capabilities provide flexibility and ease of deployment, ensuring a seamless transition for airports and airlines.
Adaptable to various conditions
Designed to operate in areas with limited or unstable internet connections, CPM handles thousands of simultaneous connections with virtually zero latency or lag time, ensuring efficient passenger processing even in challenging environments.
Addressing TSA compliance and streamlining pre-screening
CPM directly addresses and eliminates challenges related to TSA compliance, reducing associated costs for airlines and airports. By checking and cross-referencing passenger itinerary and document information, CPM streamlines the pre-screening process, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for all parties involved.
Versatile deployment and integration
CPM's versatile deployment options, including kiosks, tablets, and mobile phones, enable airports and airlines to implement the solution in a manner that best suits their unique operational requirements.

Additionally, its integration with TravelDoc and direct linkage to airline DCS/reservation systems facilitate comprehensive data analysis, further enhancing security measures.
Proven track record and global adoption
With over 700 units deployed in 32 airports, servicing over 90% of all US-bound traffic from Europe, CPM has established itself as a trusted solution for auditing passengers against the stringent requirements issued by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Key Benefits

Eliminates TSA compliance challenges and increased costs
Easy to deploy anywhere in the airport on mobile devices (kiosks, tablets & mobile phones)
Checks and cross-references passenger itinerary and document information to streamline passenger pre-screening process
Can integrate directly with airline's systems to pull passenger information or use data feed pushed to ICTS
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