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Why Choose ICTS Europe Systems

ICTS Europe Systems is the leading provider of technology-based travel solutions to the global aviation and travel industry. Our expertise is unrivalled and acquired through working within the world’s most demanding airport environments in close partnership with the world’s leading airline brands.

Our innovations improve travel for hundreds of millions of passengers every year and deliver greater security, efficiency, and a competitive edge, for our customers, time and again.

A diversity of solutions and market leading capabilities:
Global reach across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, South America and North America.
365 days a year multilingual customer support.
Smart tech-based travel solutions:
Web based, dynamic and fully automated passenger document verification
Cloud-based digital identity and rapidly deployable touchless check in.
Specialist data and security services.
Suite of solutions shaped for the market, by the market.
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The numbers speak for themselves

Take a look at some of our recent stats
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Who we are

ICTS Europe Systems is a leading provider of technology-based travel solutions to the global aviation industry. As part of the ICTS Europe Group, we possess a unique knowledge of the aviation and security markets.

Through our technological insight and prowess, we have both the resources and expertise to address the unique challenges faced by the aviation industry, and specifically airlines and airports today and tomorrow.

Having a first-hand understanding of the specialised needs of the Aviation industry, combined with access to operational know-how, we deliver innovative technology based solutions that address real operational problems, quickly and pragmatically and improve the travel experience of hundreds of millions of passengers every year.

Founded in 1982, ICTS Europe has long been a name synonymous with aviation security solutions and is a world leader in its field. Serving customers in the aviation, maritime and corporate sectors, ICTS is committed to the provision of quality services from design, through to development and integration.

Fast-growing and dynamic, with cutting-edge technology solutions that complement a wide range of services, ICTS attributes its continuing success to an uncompromising commitment to innovation and serving clients, with respect to their resources and objectives.

Building upon the continuing success of the company, ICTS has developed a wide customer base, expanding its operations across Europe and worldwide.

At present, ICTS Europe:
Comprises of 27 group members and partnerships
Operates in 81 locations across 24 countries around the world
Employs around 16,000 staff

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Meet the ICTS Executive and Management Teams

Mark Homewood
Managing Director

Mark began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers having graduated with a BSC in Maths and Management before joining our sister company ICTS UK in 2014. Gaining Charted Accountant status in 2015 led to a series of rapid promotions resulting in Mark becoming Finance Director of ICTS UK in 2017 before being appointed Managing Director of ICTS Europe Systems in 2023.

Having attained both a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Strategy and an Executive MBA from Oxford University, Mark's focus is the adoption of modern, Agile business practices across the company. By implementing a framework of flexibility and innovation at all levels of the company, Mark's goal is to foster growth thorough the development of effective, market leading solutions that deliver measurable value for our customers.

In his spare time Mark works on his farm and enjoys skydiving,

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Will Rosie
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technical Officer, Will is responsible for managing the design, development and delivery of all ICTS Europe Systems solutions. Having started his career as a Systems Tester with EDS (now part of DXC), Will joined ICTS in 2006 as a Quality Assurance Tester. Over the next 15 years Will took on a number of different roles including Support Manager, Project Manager and Product Manager before assuming the role of CTO in 2021.

During his time with ICTS Will has acquiring a broad range of knowledge in areas including queue management, Departure Control Systems, Common Use Self Service, Advance Passenger Information systems, document verification, facial recognition and digital identity solutions. Working with airlines, airports and governmental agencies, Will has managed many projects ranging from proof of concept trials to multi-site system implementations around the world including Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Nigeria and Israel.

Looking toward the future, Will see's the continuing challange of the aviation IT industry being how to adapt and adopt the latest advances in technology within the confines of an ecosystem heavily dependant on legacy standards.

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Jason Spencer
Commercial Director

Starting his career in 1991 as a security agent for our sister company ICTS UK, Jason soon progressed into supervisory and then management roles within ICTS UK's aviation security division, before moving into the compliance department of our parent company, ICTS Europe. In 2005 he joined ICTS Europe Systems as a Project Manager and then transitioning into the commercial side of the business taking on the role of Commercial and Special Projects Manager. In 2023 he was promoted to the role of Commercial Director.

At all stages of his career, Jason has used his extensive industry knowledge and practical management skills to consistently deliver effective solutions to the complex challenges faced by the customers of ICTS.

As Commercial Director, Jason continues this approach while building long term, sustainable partnerships with customers and suppliers alike that deliver tangible results from day one of their relationship with us.

Jason has lived in Asturias, Spain, since 2015 where he enjoys playing padel and football while continuing to learn Spanish.

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Peter Butler
Government Affairs & Strategic Partnerships

Peter's aviation career began at British Caledonian Airways (BCal), where he started as a load controller before progressing into training, station management, and country management roles around West Africa and the Middle East. His final role at BCal involved working on an automated weight and balance system developed by EDS in Los Angeles, still in use today as SabreSonic PSS.

After BCal's acquisition by British Airways, Peter transitioned to roles involving sales and support of their passenger service systems to third-party airlines and ground handlers. He then joined Amadeus, initially managing global support teams and later moving into product management with a focus on regulatory and government interfaces.

Peter then joined ICTS Europe as a consultant, providing business knowledge and sales support. At the beginning of 2024, he assumed the position of Government Affairs and Strategic Partnerships Manager.

In his current role, Peter relishes the opportunity to bring improvements in efficiency to potential customers and work with diverse people across many cultures. He also enjoys supporting the enthusiastic new team and witnessing their growing confidence.

Peter finds the shared knowledge of airline operations helps bring together people from all backgrounds and cultures in the aviation and security industry. His decision to pursue a career in this sector was simply driven by a desire to indulge his wanderlust, which has proved to be the correct choice over his 40+ years of experience.

Peter has witnessed significant changes and developments throughout his extensive tenure. These include the advent of automation, replacing manually written boarding passes, the introduction of fees for previously included services like seat reservations and meals, and increased security measures resulting in longer queues due to terrorism and human trafficking concerns.

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Lucy Cai
Key Account Manager, APAC

After graduating, Lucy entered the information security industry in Beijing, China, starting as a project manager before transitioning into a Key Account Manager role overseeing client relationships. Her journey then brought her to the UK for further studies, and post-graduation, she joined the team at ICTS Europe Systems in November 2023 as a Key Account Manager for the APAC region.

In her current role, Lucy is entrusted with maintaining client relationships, collaborating with internal teams to address client needs, and actively seeking opportunities for business expansion. She finds immense satisfaction in supporting clients, understanding their needs, and providing solutions. As a bilingual professional, Lucy bridges Chinese and English business development, fostering a multicultural environment in London. She views every day's challenges as opportunities for improvement, contributing to the collective success.

Working across the travel and security industries makes the world feel more interconnected for Lucy, overcoming geographical barriers through collaboration and communication that transcends borders and diverse cultures. She appreciates being part of a shared purpose in ensuring global security, believing their collective contributions play a vital role in creating a more prosperous and connected world.

The allure of internationalisation drew Lucy to pursue a career in the travel sector, captivated by how it acts as a conduit to accessibility and the seamless integration of internationalisation propels us toward a more interconnected world.

With 7 years of customer-facing experience in both China and the UK, Lucy has honed her skills in diverse settings. Her educational background includes a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, blending an analytical engineering mindset with an understanding of human dynamics crucial in business through her Master's in Marketing Analytics.

Lucy anticipates AI will have a transformative impact on the aviation security industry and hopes for significant progress. Outside of work, she seizes opportunities to learn dance, with ballet and Ballroom and Latin dance being her favorites.

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Bruna Vieira
Key Account Manager, Americas

Bruna graduated in Social Communications and Law in Brazil, where she owned her own business for seven successful years driven by her love for customer service, relationship building, and sales. Seeking to progress her career in sales and account management—her professional passions—she stepped out of her comfort zone and moved from Brazil to London, knowing she would face challenges but could grow in the tech industry. Bruna has witnessed unstable political situations across most LATAM countries as a significant change impacting the industry.

In February 2024, Bruna joined ICTS Europe Systems as a Key Account Manager for the LATAM and North America regions, where she has extensive experience. Combining her passions for travel and customer service drew Bruna to pursue a career as a Key Account Manager in a business serving the aviation and maritime sectors. Her goal is to increase visibility of ICTS's products in those countries, develop relationships, and bring more clients on board.

Bruna thrives on communicating with diverse individuals, leveraging her listening and empathetic skills to contribute to the success of her clients' businesses. Speaking the three languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English) used in her region, she believes quality relationships are essential. To visit customers on-site is something that excites her, recognising the importance of in-person interactions now decreasing in the market.

Working in the aviation, maritime and security industry aligns with Bruna's passion for travel. As an avid traveller, she has maintained keen interest in understanding how the aviation industry operates, excitingly surprised by every detail created to maintain air travel as the world's most secure transportation mode.

With over 15 years of experience in sales and customer service, including 7 years in technology, Bruna aims to obtain relevant certifications in aviation and security. Her educational background includes degrees in Law and Social Communications supplemented by extensive coursework in sales and customer success.

Outside of work, Bruna loves dogs and keeping active by working out at the gym or going for runs around London's Hyde Park.

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Harry Owen
Product Solutions Manager

Joining us straight from university, where he graduated with a BA in History and Ancient History, Harry is our Product Solutions Manager for TravelDoc and is responsible for the overall management of the TravelDoc system and the team who administer it.

With over a decade of experience, Harry has a deep understanding of the complex framework of interconnected bilateral and multilateral treaties, legal statutes and travel documentation requirements which underpin international travel regulations. Using this knowledge, Harry ensures that TravelDoc is not only an accurate source of travel information, but concise, relevant and easy to understand for all users.

Interacting with our customers on a daily basis is an important part of Harry's responsibilities, from onboarding new customers to providing expert advice and guidance to existing customers on specific problem areas. These interactions give Harry valuable insights into our customers needs which we use to develop new features of TravelDoc that benefit the entire TravelDoc user community.

In his spare time Harry enjoys, reading, writing and painting.

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Jenny Lin
Senior Research Lead

Jenny first worked for ICTS Europe Systems on a short term contract after graduating university, where she had earned both a BSc in Political Science and a MSc in International Security. She went on to work for several political research institutes before returning to ICTS Europe Systems in 2017.

Jenny's time with ICTS has been focused on working with TravelDoc. Having started as a Technical Product Administrator before progressing to being a Rules Specialist, Jenny is currently a Senior Research Lead where she uses her extensive policy analysis and open source intelligence gathering skills to maintain the TravelDoc database of travel rules and restrictions.

Jenny's experience of analysing complex policy and regulatory documentation and providing clear, concise interpretations means our TravelDoc customers were always in compliance with changing regulations, saving them considerable time, effort and money. Jenny also provides expert advice on all areas of TravelDoc and how customers can best maximise the benefits of using TravelDoc

Outside of work, Jenny enjoys reading, movies, swimming and hiking.

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Jamie Light
Marketing Manager

Jamie leads the global marketing efforts at ICTS Europe Systems, leveraging his decade of experience in marketing and communications roles for international, technology-based organisations across the travel, healthcare, and financial services sectors. At ICTS, he has the opportunity to showcase cutting-edge software-as-a-service solutions that continue to inspire and impress him as he promotes them to the market.

With a First Class (1:1) degree in Language & Communications joint with History, Jamie brings a strategic mindset and a commitment to quality and diplomacy. Jamie's extensive experience across technology companies allows him to navigate the unique opportunities and challenges presented by the rapidly evolving travel sector, ensuring ICTS remains at the forefront of innovation while delivering exceptional value to its customers.

Leading the ICTS Europe Systems Marketing function, Jamie is responsible for ICTS's brand, showcasing our solutions to those who may need them, shaping interesting content for readers to be inspired by, managing field and events, overseeing digital marketing strategies, and enabling the sales team to do what they do best – building long-lasting, meaningful relationships with people and organisations across aviation and maritime.

Jamie is passionate about positively finding solutions to customer challenges. Despite being a marketer with vast experience in technology and SaaS industries, he is driven by a desire to solve human problems and always starts with the question: “what keeps our customers up at night?”.

Outside of work, Jamie is married and has a young toddler. He loves spending time with his wife and son, working cocker spaniel, playing squash, running, and visiting new countries and immersing himself in different cultures.

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Come and Join Us at the UK-China Business Forum, March 20th, 2024
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Come and Join Us at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) - April 20th, 2024