ICTS Europe Systems is the leading provider of technology-based travel solutions to the global travel industry.

Our expertise is unrivalled and acquired from decades working across the world’s most demanding airport environments, in some of the most remote regions, and in close partnership with the world’s leading airline brands.

This pedigree and insight has been combined with a technical prowess and cutting edge technology to break free from traditional conventions and consistently address the unique security, operational and technological challenges faced by the travel industry.

Our innovations improve travel for hundreds of millions of passengers every year and deliver greater security, efficiency, and a competitive edge, for our customers, time and again.
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Discover our suite of solutions 

TravelDoc By ICTS Europe Systems


A unique online verification system that allows airlines to check whether a passenger possesses the correct documentation for their journey across all customer helpdesk and gate applications.
It is the ideal tool to help airlines eliminate fines, increase operational efficiency, and save money.
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PassBoard By ICTS Europe Systems


A cloud-based, quick, and simple IoT boarding application that makes sure airlines avoid the fines incurred by the submission of inaccurate Advanced Passenger Information (API).
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Global APIS By ICTS Europe Systems

Global APIS

This solution is a VIP APIS gateway concierge service. It is a modular, template-driven data transformation solution for handling all common industry format platforms for quick and cost-effective implementation of national APIS programmes.
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CPM by ICTS Europe Systems


An advanced security application deployed before the check-in of passengers at airport counters. It is designed to assist security staff in the security auditing of passengers.
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Come and join us at the UK-China Business Forum on 20th March 2024
Come and Join Us at the UK-China Business Forum, March 20th, 2024
Come and Join Us at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) - April 20th, 2024
Come and Join Us at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) - April 20th, 2024