Problems We Solve

Image of two immigration personnel questioning a man while holding his passport
Leveraging automated technologies demonstrably improves regulatory compliance so your staff can focus on what they do best - giving passengers great experiences.
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Image of a vacuum cleaner sucking up money
Fine prevention
By prioritising accurate, compliant and efficient passenger and document checks through automated technologies, aviation and maritime companies can avoid substantial fines and related expenses. 

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People standing in line for queue to check in counters at Berlin Brandenburg International Airport. Crowded departure hall for flights on a busy day
Operational inefficiencies
Poor processes for passenger document checks frequently hamper aviation and maritime firms, leading to major delays, costs, and compliance risks. Manual checks intrinsically struggle with volume spikes, as even experienced staff are limited by the time it takes to manually check each traveller’s documents and visas.
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Image of a departure lounge full of people looking unhappy
Inaccurate passenger information
As a provider of solutions that automate traveller and document checks, we understand the considerable security, regulatory, financial, operational, brand and customer service risks organisations face from reliance on manual checking processes.
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Image of a security scanner screen at an airport
Security risks
Allowing passengers to travel without proper document checks poses a significant security risk. Failure to check the passenger and their travel documents in relation to immigration rules may lead to unauthorised individuals gaining access to secure areas, compromising overall safety.
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Come and join us at the UK-China Business Forum on 20th March 2024
Come and Join Us at the UK-China Business Forum, March 20th, 2024
Come and Join Us at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) - April 20th, 2024
Come and Join Us at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) - April 20th, 2024