Inaccurate passenger information

As a provider of solutions that automate traveller and document checks, we understand the considerable security, regulatory, financial, operational, brand and customer service risks organisations face from reliance on manual checking processes.
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Security risks
Inaccurate passport, visa and other travel credential checks enable unauthorised passenger boarding. Airport breaches demonstrate the potential for serious criminal and terrorist threats when individuals use falsified documentation.

Our technology helps prevent infiltration risks that basic manual reviews struggle to detect.
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Financial and legal risks
Beyond paying six and seven-figure fines for isolated compliance violations, organisations found negligently enabling international travel for improperly documented persons may incur charges of criminal negligence and unruly disregard of passenger vetting regulations.
People standing in line for queue to check in counters at Berlin Brandenburg International Airport. Crowded departure hall for flights on a busy day
Operational risks
Checking travel documents whilst ensuring accuracy and efficiency is a huge challenge when being done manually. Therefore, shortcuts are inevitably taken, either consciously or subconsciously.

Digressions from proper processes can cause voyage disruptions when improperly cleared travellers are later flagged, necessitating unscheduled diversions. Such incidents cost carriers an average of over £190,000 in expenses like temporary housing, rebooking, and passenger compensation per disruption.
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Brand and reputational risks
Media eagerly report compliance fines and stowaway incidents, depicting travel brands as reckless or negligent guardians of passenger safety. Surveys indicate up to 41% of travellers feel less secure booking with airlines fined for improper passenger and document checks in the past 3 years.
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Customer service risks
Lengthy manual travel document reviews result in airport queues exceeding 120 minutes at peak times. Resulting frustration drives 19% of travellers to switch providers.

The implementation of automated solutions instead can enable carriers to minimise stress to the traveller journey while ensuring compliance with international travel rules.
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