TravelDoc could have prevented cruise ship carrying 1,500 passengers getting stuck in Spanish port over visa issues

The complexities of correctly abiding by multiple territories’ entry requirements are well known – it’s a regulatory and operational nightmare. The challenge has recently been epitomised in a travel incident that saw 1,500 cruise liner passengers stuck in a Spanish port in Barcelona because of visa oversights.

It begs the question: does the maritime industry need to keep taking the risk of overlooking such a critical step in the passenger checking stage?

The operational, financial and reputational losses are no drop in the ocean.

On the flip side, up in the skies, air travellers more commonly – although not universally – benefit from the integrated and automated travel document check solution called TravelDoc by ICTS Europe Systems. Intercepting potential issues way upstream at the early stages of the booking process will help the cruise industry avoid travel nightmares for their customers, such as this one in Spain.

And that is not to say it is easily fixable for cruise liners, at least not in-house. A dedicated, proven and reliable solution specifically designed to check an individual against the myriad of international travel rules is not only helpful – but evidently essential for long-term commercial success.

Such as in this recent case, cruise liner passengers are often left stranded when it comes to checking the travel rules of the various countries a cruise ship docks at. That is a daunting task, and one that is prone to human error or even outright neglect.

And yet, it really doesn’t have to go the way of a breaking news story reporting globally.

TravelDoc can help avoid thousands of passengers getting stuck aboard a ship because of travel document oversights.

TravelDoc can be integrated smoothly into cruise liner websites, booking platforms and embarkation applications. In doing so, they empower their passengers with the necessary information upfront which will mitigate the risk of situations like the one in Spain.

Learn more about how ICTS Europe Systems can help cruise companies simplify compliance, mitigate immigration fines and optimise the passenger experience. Discover TravelDoc here

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