Latest travel rules changes added to TravelDoc

Take a look at this highlight reel of updated travel rules we added to TravelDoc this month

Countries around the world frequently change their travel visa rules, which can disrupt travellers and the organisations helping to facilitate their journeys. Fortunately, TravelDoc is here to solve that problem.

TravelDoc By ICTS Europe Systems

TravelDoc is an automated document check system that enables accurate checking and understanding of travel rules for every single destination. We have built a database of up-to-date travel ruling and information, fuelled by a dedicated team of immigration and documentation experts checking official sources and updating new rules every day.

Here are May's highlights of the latest immigration rule changes now live within the TravelDoc database and helping enable international travel:

  1. Israel has introduced an electronic travel authorisation. It is in its pilot phase for German and US nationals. 

  2. Italy has temporarily re-introduced internal borders within the Schengen Area from June 5th to June 18th for the next summit of leaders of the G7 member countries.

  3. Passengers are not permitted to enter Saudi Arabia when departing Zimbabwe and holding Hajj or Umrah visas, due to the cholera epidemic.

  4. Bahamas, Barbados and Grenada nationals are now eligible for a Saudi e-visa.

  5. Algerian nationals can return to Algeria with a national ID card.

  6. Nationals of Indonesia can now enter Tunisia without a visa for up to 90 days.

  7. Passengers residing in India should now hold proof of oral polio vaccination (OPV) obtained at least 4 weeks prior to departure when travelling from India to a polio-endemic country (Afghanistan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria) or a country with poliovirus circulation (Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Republic of Congo).

  8. Passengers travelling to Panama must complete a Customs Declaration form in paper or digital form.

  9. Visa exemptions for nationals of Thailand, Philippines, Brunei and North Macedonia going to Taiwan, are extended again for another year.

  10. Passengers may obtain a visa on arrival in Chad if travelling from a country where there is no Chadian consulate or embassy and provided they hold authorisation from the Chad Ministry of Public Security. 

  11. A visa exemption agreement for nationals of Cape Verde and Morocco when travelling to each other’s countries has now come into effect. 

  12. The EU has temporarily suspended visa exemptions for all Vanuatu nationals.

If you're in aviation, maritime or any part of the travel sector and need to maintain compliance, reduce fines and enhance the traveller experience, we think TravelDoc is the solution for you. Discover why.

Written by Harry Owen, Product Solutions Manager, ICTS Europe Systems

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